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Let me jump right in.

In my first Pinterest post I shared with you that I started using Pinterest seriously for business in May 2020.

My monthly views were 160.

Yep, terrible.

After reading a few articles from some Pinterest A- listers like:

I soon realized that I was making a big mistake by not optimizing my Pinterest account with keywords for maximum leverage.

I made the changes. Now in 1 month my monthly views is 59,000. Not too bad.

Taking their advice, here's what I did.

First: I Optimized My Pinterest Name

  • I changed it from my blog name "Positively Driven Christian" which had in no keywords
  • I changed it to "Positively Driven Christian - Bible Study + Spiritual Growth" which included my two main keywords

Second: Optimize Pinterest Description

My Pinterest description sounded like a tacky insurance salesman with no keywords whatsoever.

I optimized it to include my main keyword at the beginning and other keywords filtered throughout.

Third: I Included Call to action in my Description

This great idea was given to me by Jennifer Bukhart.

I included the link directly to a free ebook that I am offering on my website.

Fourth: Optimize Pinterest Board Names With Keywords

I made sure to find keywords that searchers on Pinterest were using, while matching the content you create on my website, then I use those for my Pinterest Board names. Some of my titles are " How to Study The Bible"  "Bible Study For Women" and "Bible Study Tools".

As I go along and learn more, I will be tweaking for maximum effect.

Note: I created the Board and kept it as a secret board, as I made adjustments and added relevant pins

Fifth: Optimize Pinterest Board Description

After the Board was created, I edited the Board description with keywords.

One tip I am trying to remember is to make sure that the Board description sounds inviting to readers. Although the keyword as close as you can to the beginning of the description, it should not seem weird or be a dumping place for pins alone.

So instead of writing "bible study printables, bible study books, bible study lessons." You should consider writing "Find bible study printables and bible study lessons you can use toe enhance your spiritual life."

Update: I recently joined Pin Potential and realized that I still had much to learn about Optimizing Pinterest Descriptions. She taught me to use up the 500 word spacing to include your pinterest keywords to make sure that when your target audience puts in the search your board pops up. So my Board description went from having in two keywords to over two. 

Make to speak in a conversational tone when including the keyword. Do not just keyword stuff the board.

optimize pinterest

Sixth: I Made Sure to Choose the Board Category

This was something that I overlooked, but read was important for Pinterest to able to understand and categorize where your content fits.

So make sure to select your category, whether it be education, entertainment, finance, or quotes. There is a long list to choose from

Seven: I Added 4 - 5 Suggested Pins to my Pinterest Board

Each time you created a Board, Pinterest is going to suggest some pins to be added to the Board. I use to ignore Pinterest at first but was informed that this is a great way to confirm to Pinterest, right off the bat, what kind of Board it is.

So if I have a board name " Bible Study Printables", then include 4 - 5 pins of bible study printables.

Yes, you will be pinning other people's content to your Board, but you can change that going forward. For now, its totally for strategy.

Eight: I Created a Board Cover

About two weeks ago, I realized that I could create Board Covers, thanks to Jennifer Bukhart.

So I created Pinterest Covers for all my Boards.

Note: I learned this the hard way: Please create a cover for your Board before making it public. 1) It looks more professional 2) It prevents you from having to mass-produce them later and agitate your followers.

Nine: Optimize Your Pictures

When your Pinterest pin is created, make sure it matches the keyword of your content.

For Example: If I created a pin for content on my website "bible study tools" make sure to save and name your pin "biblestudytools", the download

When done correctly, the download will say "biblestudytools.png or biblestudytools.jpg"

Now, when you use this Pin on Pinterest, Pinterest will immediately understand what content is about.

Ten: Optimize Your Pins Profile

When you upload your pin, optimize the Title with a proper keyword-rich headline. Also, remember to do so for the Pin description, including appropriate tags.

Don't forget to include the URL back to your page. But who will forget that?

Is this the reason for the increase in traffic?

I am just too early in the game to be sure.

But taking the step to optimize pinterest most definitely did not hurt.

And any small win is a plus!

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