Pinterest Wins: Chronicles of A Pinterest Beginner in 2020 [ Wins and Losses]

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I just started with Pinterest in 2020.

After trying Google and Youtube for some time now, with little website traffic to show and rightfully frustrated - I needed to make a change quickly.

May 2020 was the month that I started taking Pinterest seriously.

Yes, right smack dab amid a pandemic - when everything seems to be going up in smoke. But hey, better late than never, right?

To compound matters, I entered after Pinterest made two significant changes:

The use of Group Boards for Business. Why is this tragic?

Groups Boards were used as a dumping ground and for mass exposure to pins. Pinterest in 2018 decided that Pinterest Businesses have been using Group Boards in an unintended way, so they changed their algorithms. Now using group boards for pin exposure can affect your traffic negatively.

  • PRO: Pinning on Group Board back up to 2017 was a reliable way of getting significant exposure- reaching massive traffic. When using group boards at that time, people saw tons of traffic to their websites, and their following grew exponentially.

The prioritization of Fresh pins [ fresh pictures and content] on Pinterest

This fresh pin rule which means:

  • PRO: people with new content and fresh photos will be winning in Pinterest which is suitable for start-up businesses. Yay, me. 
  • CON : Pinterest is visual SEO, so rethinking our strategy is paramount. Using free stock or Canva images to create pins may not be such a great idea seeing that they may be used already by someone else.

So, with these two changes, it appears I am left to the mercy of Pinterest - begging for little tidbits of traffic.

I am also wondering if Pinterest is starting to lean to the direction of Google and Facebook: massively reducing our organic reach, and forcing us to consider paid advertising.

But hey, who am I to talk. I just arrived.

My Pinterest Loss

After 1 month and a week of pinning, it appears that Pinterest can be very volatile. It seems that unless you are a prominent business or have been successful at creating viral pins, right now, increased exposure, impressions, and link clicks is dependent on creating more and more and more quality pins.

Who has time to be spitting out 50 pins a day?!

I have to figure something out.

Pinterest Wins

Even with my late start, and a pandemic, taking Pinterest seriously for one month has shown promise:

Before May 2020

  • Monthly views: 160
  • Pin shares: 0
  • Link clicks: 0

End of May 2020

  • Monthly views: 30,000
  • Impressions: 41000
  • Pin Shares: 11
  • Link Clicks: 13
Today: June 14th
  • Monthly views: 59 400 
  • Impressions:  91 400
  • Pin Shares 145
  • Link Clicks: 130

For big-time Pinterest businesses this may be laughable, but for a beginner this is a small Pinterest win.

What Did I Do?

In the next post, I am going to let you know the small changes I made to optimize my Pinterest account and got Pinterest to notice me. Then I will share two tools that I started to use that saved me a lot of time,  and help with reach.

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