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When was your last brilliant idea?

What have you done with that thought?

Before this world was even created by God he had to first have a thought. Then he acted on that thought and bam! we are here.

What have your thoughts been like lately?

These thoughts plants the seed in the soils of our minds and then the mind starts to see the impossible as being possible.

  • Our Mind sees the outcome and the product, even before it comes to past.
  • Then the mind creates the desire and drive to get it done.
  • Through consistence, intentional, effort;  the seed of thought brings forth a tree when watered.

This tree is not yet tangible right now, but all God need from you and I is for us to start dreaming, and envisioning again:

Put the power of positive thoughts to work.

What Does The Power of Thoughts Look Like in Action?

Philippians 2:5

'Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus'

Many only focus on two aspects of this Mind of Christ:

  • Humility,
  • Subjection unto God

Indeed, these two are very important, but the mind of Jesus Christ, that we ought to have, goes far beyond just humility and submission.

In the Mind of Christ there is no limitations.

  • No boundaries.
  • 'Impossible'  does not exist

Jesus was not just humble,

He was Unstoppable!

He had absolute confidence in his abilities and faith in God. This confidence is a necessary component for us Christians in order to have our power of thoughts transformed in action.

There was nothing that Jesus could not do and never once did he doubt whether  it can be done. Was there obstacles placed in his way. Oh yes there was. But these obstacles was removed one by one by the force of one unstoppable man.

He literally turned the world upside down!

Thousands  got deliverance, millions of people received salvation just because of one God man, who knew that there is no limitations and boundaries in God.

Let's look at one such example in Matthew 14: 22 - 33 .This is the passage when Jesus Walked on Water. There is so much to learn from this passage but I will limit myself to only two verses:

Matthew 14 vs 24 -25

But the ship was now in the midst of the sea, tossed with waves: for the wind was contrary. And in the fourth watch of the night. Jesus went unto them, walking on the sea.

What would have been our response?

What would have been our response if we were in the position of Jesus, that day? There was water, but no ships and Jesus needed to get over to the other side. What would have been our thoughts?

What made matters even worst  was the fact that Jesus placed himself in that situation when he sent his disciples away. Have that ever happened to you? You realize that you made a mistake, when it was already too late?

And what compound the problem was that there was a storm that was raging.

Our normal reaction when we realize THIS , would have been:

  • (a) 'Oh no, what did I do? ''Oh man what will I do now?' and then we will worry.
  • (b) Get Frustrated
  • (c) Say our famous words ' I Give up!'
  • (d) Wait out the problem and pray the a brighter day comes soon
  • (e) Find a safer and easier root to get over ( if there is any) .....for of course we can't be expected to swim

But this was no simple mistake. Actually, it was not a mistake at all. Instead, this was the plan of God, so that he can show us a miracle. To show us the power that lies dormant within every one of us who have Jesus living within us.

Jesus was Unstoppable! Filled with confidence, his eyes was not focused on the problem but instead his eyes was focused his ability.

It is important that I repeat this: His eyes was not on his problem but his ability

He knew  that God had instilled in him everything necessary to move any mountain. To solve any problem. And he chose not to wait it out but to move forward!

So , Jesus saw water,

And the storm,

And  the choice that he made was to go against what was the laws of physics,

Remove  every limitations,

And he chose to WALK ! . He chose to walk straight ahead into the situation knowing without any doubt that he will not sink .

So What happened? ......................... He walked on Water!

Now that right there is the Power of Thoughts in Action!!

This is the mind of Christ that we all should have

Yes, situations will arise in our lives.

Yes trials will come.

That is life!

God never promised that all things will run smooth every time, but he did promise that we can do all things through Christ and with God on our side we are unstoppable!

The Confidence that Jesus had was given to us too. It is time that we awake that Confidence. Instead of looking at your problems focus on your abilities.

Remember God has placed in us everything necessary to remove any obstacle. So instead of giving up, when times seems impossible, chose instead to do what?...


Formulate a course of action, and walk straight ahead, knowing that God will not let you Sink.

And you will be amazed that You also will defy the odds and Walk on Water!

The Power of Your Thoughts & Emotions

Another lesson, that can be learnt by the life of Jesus, is that he was also always in control. His surroundings or his circumstances NEVER controlled him. His emotions was always intact. His thoughts were always in tact.

Jesus Exhibited Control.

There was a storm, and Jesus was walking on the sea right in the midst of the storm!

While the waves were rough and the winds blew hard, it never bothered him. This is the Power of  Thoughts and Emotions. He was in control of his emotions.  

His mind was centered on his ability and not the problem and it brought an inner calm and inner peace because he knew that within him lies the ability to calm this storm and any other storms.

The power of thoughts and emotion produces action

What we think, creates an emotion and this emotion creates an action.

We can possess that same level of control as Jesus Christ.

Heightened emotions hinders our self control and hinders our progress.

Prayer helps us master our emotions instead of our emotions mastering us.

Mastering Control over our emotions is a process.

Practice mastering our thoughts and emotions

There's no short cuts to this thing. We must practice, practice, apply, apply, pray, pray.

  1. Change your Focus: Do not focus on the problem but on your ability.
  2. Change your words: What you say affects how you feel. If you say 'I can do this' you will literally feel strengthened. Try changing each negative word into a positive and watch it transform you.



We are now at the end of this power of thoughts bible study and I pray that you've enjoyed and learnt as much as I did. What do you think on the power of thoughts? Leave your suggestions below.

Be safe

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