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bible study preparation toolkit

Welcome to section 1 of the bible preparation tool kit.

Preparation is important for anything of value. I am sure you’ve heard some variation of the phrase “If you fail to prepare, then prepare to fail”

It is amazing how many people take bible study preparation for granted. But putting that little effort to prepare before bible study can yield some amazing returns [ sounds like a stock market venture, doesn’t it?]

Let's be serious for a moment.

How will it look, if you were on a first date, having to stop midway through a yummy meal and great conversation, just to take a Mylanta?

Or having to say “hold that thought” while in a very important meeting, just to take a bathroom break?

Not a good first impression is it?

That’s why you prepare for anything worthwhile.

Same thing applies for bible study.

After all, we do not want to have to stop midway to go hunting for a bible study tool; or worse yet, having to ‘shut-up-shop’ altogether because something is making the process very uncomfortable or stressful.

I know I hated having to stop right at the very moment when God was about to reveal a whopper of truth to me – to go running for a bible study tool! So, it became very necessary not to hinder ‘the flow’ when God is speaking.

You will soon realize this yourself.

So in order to massively reduce the chances for distraction and majorly amplify the  “jigs” and “laughter”, you must prepare for bible study.

prepare for bible study
  • You boost the odds for victory when you prepare for bible study
  • When you are comfortable you get more done
  • You hear God’s voice clearer when you are focused and undistracted

How to prepare for bible study

Every section of this toolkit is important in bible study preparation and I would suggest to really dive in:

3 Unexpected Suggestions For Your Bible Study Session

1. Prepare to be amazed

I sound like a clichéd carnival circus commercial, but it’s true.

He has me with my mouth open wide so many times.

For instance; the day I realized that Jesus did not feed 5000 people with the miracle of fish and loaves [ read Matthew 14:13 – 21 carefully]….it was 5000 men, save women and children!

So that day I did a mental calculation and said, if there was one women and one child for every man, then that would actually be 15000 people that was fed with 5 loaves and 2 fishes.

But in this world that we are living in, women seem to always out number the men so can you imagine the size of that crowd?

Now that was a whopper of a miracle!

So prepare to be amazed, he will over-deliver!

2. Prepare to never evverrr finish a personal bible study session

Yes, you read correctly.

That sounds a little weird right? But it’s true.

The word of God has depth that even the wisest man and the most righteous man is yet to discover!

  • It is never ending. It is like an onion with so many different layers.

So you may have a bible study now and a year later you go back to that very same scripture and realize that there is still more to see and God reveals something else brand new to you!

My gosh, it is amazing how it happens!

And it will happen to you too.

Every single word in the bible, can turn your bible study on its axis; shifting it in different directions and revealing more than you ever saw possible.

So, as you prepare for bible study know that "you did not do anything wrong!”

You did not apply that bible study method incorrectly.

When you listen to someone else take that very same word that you studied just last night and reveal it in a different light it does not mean that you or that person is wrong.

It’s the unending; always-unraveling; very-deep Word of God.

So prepare yourself now, to never ever finish a bible study

3. When you prepare for bible study remember he wants to commune with you

prepare to commune with god

Keep this in mind.

God wants to commune with you.

You can see this in Genesis 3 vs 8 -9, when God came down in the cool of the day looking for Adam and called out ‘Adam where are you?’, when he could not be found. It is my belief that as he regularly tugs on your heart to seek him at a greater level, we are having an ‘Adam experience’ and God is calling, asking “ Joan, where are you? I want to come in a sup with you”

He walked with Enoch, called Abraham friend, spoke to Moses face to face, and called David the apple of his eye.

Honoring that time with God, without fail, you will soon realize that you begin to feel his presence because he will show up – and honors that time with you.

After all James 4: 8 did say “ Draw nigh unto God and he will draw nigh unto you …”

It is at those moments when bible study takes on a different level. It becomes ‘open conversation between you and your creator’.

Sometime the information flows so clearly and freely, that it’s hard to collect and write everything down (at the pace that I am receiving it)

Yep, lol, I am still learning how to write very quickly.

I love it when it happens!

It is a wonderful blessing.


Hope you’ve enjoyed Section 1: Why prepare for bible study of this bible study preparation toolkit. If you did, share and leave me a comment below.

"Hungry" for more?

We have just the lesson. Section 2: Hunger for God awaits. Away we go to satisfy you “hunger pains”( ;) I am cracking myself up here).

Remember “We must prepare, prepare we must!”

Be safe

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