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Let’s be honest here:

If you don’t ‘get it’, you will probably ‘forget it’

By ‘forget it’ I mean put it down and run as fast as you can in the opposite direction!

Our brains light up when something interesting is happening, but ‘locks off’ when something is boring. Sooo many of my friends have admitted jokingly, ‘Joan, when I try to read my bible I fall asleep.’

Have you ever been there?

Be honest now!

Truthfully, this happened to me many times; especially when reading the Genealogies “Abraham begat Isaac who begat Jacob” Help me eyes immediately become heavy.

Wow, I felt so much better coming clean to you right there.

So now that you:

let's get down to understanding how to start reading the bible.

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These 7 steps will help you understand how to read your bible

1) Pick a bible version that is easy to understand

The truth is we all struggle.

So how do we reduce and eventually prevent these struggles from happening?

How do you read your bible with interest?

The key is to choose a bible version that is understandable and easy to read.

There are really accurate bible translations that may be difficult to read.

You may prefer to read the NIV bible as a beginner. Even though I have some concerns; I have to admit that it is quite easy to read and can be a good place to start. I would suggest being careful though. Even if you decide to begin with the NIV version of the bible, always read it along side another ‘word for word’ translated version of the bible like the King James Version.

The easiest way to do this is to get a parallel bible with the King James Version on one side and the NIV on the other. Anything that you may not understand when reading, read it from the context of the NIV and wala! are on your way to understanding the bible a little bit more.

2) Always Say A Prayer

Prayer is essential. Seeing that God is the author of the bible, only He can provide the understanding. Asking God for understanding through prayer is important. We should always pray before reading the bible but this should also remain a constant prayer of ours.

As I’ve said many times, I’ve had my fair share of struggle in understanding the word of God, and I am still learning. But one day God gave me a prayer before bible study, that changed my life. These very same words can be your prayer before bible reading as well and I hope that it becomes as much of a blessing to you as it did for me.

3) Don’t start reading the bible at the beginning. Do this instead.

Are you just starting out reading the bible?

When it comes to reading the bible, we can throw the norm of starting-every-book-at-the-beginning, out of the proverbial window. The bible is not a normal book. It is 66 books combined into one volume. For beginners in bible reading, starting at the beginning of the bible may create wayy more questions than you can endure right now.

Give yourselves the ability to learn the foundations first, then move on to higher heights!

As Peter said : “As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby:”

Wanna know where to  start?

Here’s an Outline:

I honestly believe that the best place for every believer to begin is learning about Jesus Christ, the one that died for our sins.

For Non believers: the book of John may be best. It gives an eye witness account of the life of Jesus Christ and is much more detailed than Matthew, Mark and Luke.

For beginners:  I would suggest beginning with the New Testaments books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, that speaks about the life of Christ and his expectations of us. Each book gives a description of what occurred from the writer’s view. So you may realize that each book begins with his birth, but may have varying accounts of similar events. Join us in Gospel John Interactive Videos created for us all the begin enjoying the bible again.

After Reading the Gospels: I would suggest reading Acts. Christ not only died for our sins but also our transformation to Sons of God. You will see the power of Christ shining through the transformation of Peter and Paul in this book. Acts mentions the lives of the disciples after Christ; it speaks about salvation that was extended not only to the Jews but to the Gentiles; the infilling of the Holy Ghost; and the faithfulness of his disciples through the trials that they faced along the way. I have to admit, it may be heart aching, but it is crucial.

Read the Letters of the Apostles to the Churches: From Romans through to Jude. Romans is packed with necessary principles.

Read Genesis ( that explains the beginning of the world), Psalms ( prayers, praise and exhortations), & Proverbs ( for daily wisdom)

You’ve read all of the books above? Wondering what to read next?

4) Choose a book of the bible and read a portion at a time

To begin:

Start with reading the book summary, then continue by reading each bible passage, marking each break so that you can easily resume. I would recommend reading at least one chapter per day.

If you are reading with the intent to do personal bible studies, always have your notebook handy to jot down areas that need clarity.

Starting a bible reading plan can be helpful in keeping you on track but we should be careful not to become comfortable reading our bibles just to check it off of our to do list. Instead of being daily readers, it would be awesome if you would join me in becoming daily seekers of God through his Word; to find out how we can get closer to him; what he expects of us; his plan; and to truly understand his heart and mind.

Hebrews 11: 6 “But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.”

As a daily seeker, reading changes into a desire to transform our lives into vessels of honor. And boy, you will soon realize that sometimes just one chapter a day isn’t nearly enough to satisfy your thirsty soul and seeking heart. You will soon begin to read your bible in gallons, sometime half a book in one sitting. Gobbling it up as you go.

5) Read Every Day

I really would prefer to say,’ read your bible at every opportunity’, but let me rein in myself. Lol. When getting started, try your best to read your bible daily: especially during your morning devotions. Having a verse or passage to meditate on throughout the day keeps our mind focused on God.

Isaiah 26:3 “ Thou will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee”

It is true that reading bible devotionals can be very beneficial. It gives bite size pieces of the Word in an understandable and practical manner. This can be a good addition for new beginners but bible devotionals should not take the place of bible reading.

6) Take Notes As You Go Along

1. Do not just skip over words, phrases, or passages that may be unclear; instead, note these for your bible study sessions

2. As you read, ask questions: Is this something that God’s expects of me? Can this help me to understand more about who God is; his laws, the past, present or future?  Always end with this main question ’Is there more I would like to know about this?’ ‘Does any more questions come to mind?’. Write these down as well, for your next bible study session.

7) Take some time to meditate on the Word

Meditation is reflecting on the word you read or studied. Scriptures that really resonate with you, write them down and stick them on the walls of your prayer room; write them on post-its and sticking them on your mirror, and refrigerator to read them at mornings is a great booster. Apply scripture reminders to your phone daily that pops up every hour or two.

Keep your mind centered on God is a great way to begin, go through any day.

4 Ways to read your bible

Let me now say that you can read your bible with the intention to do one or all four of these:

  • you can read your bible just for knowledge
  • you can read your bible for bible study
  • you can read your bible for meditation purposes
  • you can read your bible then go into memorization

Each is quite powerful and necessary. Especially bible study which can seem quite challenging at first but with a plan, it will soon become doable. However, daily bible reading is the best way to bible study topics.

Do you remember this prayer in Matthew 6:11 …

“give us this day our daily bread”

We may have thought for a long time that this verse referred to just food, but  ‘The Word of God is our daily bread’

Just as the manna fell daily for the children of Israel in the wilderness ( Exodus 6 verse 4) …

…without feeding our spiritual man on God’s Word daily, we will starve.

We eat meals twice; three times; maybe even 5 times a day to curb our hunger: we should do the same for our spiritual man – it’s hungry too!

Are you a first time bible reader?

Bottom Line?

These tips on how to read your bible will have you rocking and rolling as you go through the weeks. The most unique thing is that the notes that you take will also be preparing you for your personal bible studies as well.

So don’t stop now, it’s about to get even sweeter!

Let's have a chit-and-a-chat below. Share your thoughts. Let's commune together.

Be safe

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