We're Sealed by the Holy Spirit of Promise: Why Did God Do That?

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We are His! We have been sealed with the holy Spirit of promise! And we have the evidence to prove it!

Ephesians 1:13

"In whom ye also trusted, after that ye heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation in whom also, after that ye believed, ye were sealed with the holy Spirit of promise..."

What an amazing feeling it is, to know that you've been sealed by the Spirit of God.

What is the Holy Ghost?

Good question.

If you are seeking to understand what is the Holy Ghost or the reason why it is so important then I've got your back.

I've laid it out in detail right here in this lesson. When you are through, come on back. We'll be right here waiting.

What Does it mean to be sealed by the holy Spirit?

To understand it better, let's look at what sealed means.

In the days of the Bible, it was a common occurrence for a King to send a letter, or sign a decree by using a seal. The seal was an hard instrument that was engraved with a figure, and used to make an impression on a soft substance, like wax or clay. This left a permanent mark of identification affixed to a document.

I am sure by now that a clearer understanding is being formed in your thoughts. But let me continue:

The seal attached to any document showed three things:

  1. It showed undisputed credibility and truth of its origin
  2. It showed ownership
  3. It was also used as a symbol of authority and power

God, King of the Universe, when he gave us of his Holy Ghost, he sealed us!

He completed the deal by giving us an undisputed impression that set us apart from all others. We belong to him! And we have the mark to prove it!

Usually, when a letter is sealed, the impression was placed in an area where it can be easily seen by the eye.

Being a child of God it is impossible to hide. When we received the gift of the Holy Ghost that too is impossible to be hid. The impression that has been left by God makes it impossible not to be noticed. Every one will know that you have been with Jesus.

Have anyone asked you this question recently, 'are you a Christian?'

You never told them that you were, but they just knew, without having to hear the words. I often ask the question in return, 'Why do you ask?', just so that I can hear the answer.

They would always respond by saying ....' I can see it'. Being sealed with his Holy Spirit, it will be just impossible to blend into a crowd. When you walk down the street, all will know that 'a child of the King' is passing by.

You have been sealed ... sealed by the Holy Spirit!

Sealed for Our Protection

Oh but it does not end there. There's more ...

When papers and books were being stored, they were often sealed entirely as a form of security and preservation. What does this means?

What was God's intention when we were sealed with the Holy Spirit?

When we were sealed by the Holy Spirit it became our protection, our defense, our safeguard against any plans or intention the enemy may have. We were secured from any further harm that the enemy may devise to destroy.

Your spirit was secured! Your soul was secured! Your Body has been secured!

What an awesome thing God has done for us.

We are his, and we have the mark to show it!


Thank you for coming on this journey with me. I pray that your heart has been blessed by the awesome things that you have learnt to day. Leave a comment below. Then why not like and share while you're at it :) ...

Be safe

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