Short Devotional About Trusting God
"It's Working For Your Good"

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Hey girl, 

Eventually, you'll see the big picture:

"I grew up without a Dad. He was never really in my life although he came to my home town probably every 7 years. So, I held deep seated hurt, and real abandonment issues. What was the most hurtful was that he did not show any remorse. I felt like he did not care then and still don't. I held that pain for ages. Forgiving him felt like in some way I was "letting him off the hook". Do you know what I mean? So, I was 36 years old, when I chose to forgive him. Guess what I did? I called him up, shared my hurt, then I told him 'I forgave him". It felt like a dam literally broke, and tears that I held for years came flooding out. Heavy weights were lifted and I felt the sweetest release and refreshing! I never understood the power of forgiveness until that day."

For Day 3, Here's what you'll get:

  1. A Printable with Devotional For Day 3: just in case you want to print, or share with others
  2. A scripture card: stick on your mirror, or anywhere as a reminder, or a memorization prompt
  3. A motivational scripture reading: Having God's promises recited over and over will keep you pumped and strong in faith. Listen, often.

Part 3: There is a Reason!

"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, and to them who are the called according to his purpose" Romans 8:28

Hmmm, now, how does this scripture fit in after sharing all that Joseph went through? After being:

  • Betrayed by his brothers
  • Lost his family and father
  • Lost everything that he had
  • Was thrown into a pit
  • Tied up and sold as a slave
  • He was wrongly accused of rape
  • And he was cast into prison for a long time
  • He was betrayed by more people than we can endure
  • And he did nothing to deserve it.

    How can any of this work for good? When it seemed like a glimmer of hope was shining through for Joseph, here comes another situation even worse. How can a loving God be anywhere up in these state of affairs? It is in these situations like Job, we often ask questions: 'Why did this have to happen to me?' 'What did I do that was so wrong?' 'Where is God?'

    But know this: God is Sovereign. He is still in charge of his world and everything that happens to us can only happen if He allows it.

    So, there is a Master Plan. It may be hard to see it right now but - You - Will. It was at the end that Joseph saw God's Master Plan. God took Joseph on the journey from being a servant to become a Ruler! Sometimes it's only at the end of our journey that we finally see the BIG PICTURE! Besides, who in their right mind would say yes to pain if we had any say in the matter?

    We would run for the hills!

    Paul says, in Romans 8:28 that it is a fact that all things:

    The Good, The Bad, The Hardships, The Smooth, The Rough, the Happy Times, The Sad Times, Every Single Thing that happens in your life - ALL THINGS!

    Now here is the sweet part ...

    'Work together for good'. Did you get that? That 's SYNERGY!

    Everything's working together to achieve one common goal. Everything that happens in our life is one long winding road, in God's well-designed master plan, to make us stronger and wiser, and to get us to our purpose. We must see everything that happens as an avenue of growth.

    View your journey through life, as a chain, right now. Each event that has occurred or will occur, represents a link in this chain.

    Each link is interlocked. And together it forms a complete chain. But without one of these links, the chain falls apart.

    That is 'all things working together for our good'

    Hmm, Imagine that!

    It's at the end we can look back and see - as Joseph did - the reasons why everything happened in our life the way that it did. As it did for Joseph, it made forgiveness a little bit easier to give. But, why forgive later - instead, do it now, trusting God that through the pain there is a purpose.

    Prayer: Jesus, in all honesty, I don’t understand what you are doing. But I have faith that it is working out for the better in end. Strengthen my confidence in you. Give me your resilience in this moment of weakness. Surround me like a fortress with your incomprehensible peace. Let your angels stand guard all around me and my loved ones. And in this moment, when I cannot see the end - I choose to trust you in the present. Amen.

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