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A Concern, Some Victories, A Tantrum and A Mistake @ Positively Driven Christian

Today is our 6 months anniversary at Positively Driven Christian and my return to solo build it. Happy anniversary!

I think it is fitting that I pause to give a 6 months Solo Build It Review.

I will try to give a review every 6 months so that all can benefit, and learn from my mistakes.

But first it’s time for a celebration: 6 months had some tough times but I made it, through the help of the Lord Jesus Christ.


To begin, I have to say that this journey has been a blast! I have never regretted taking this journey with solo build it. It is truly a wonderfully rewarding learning experience. And for the first I am confident that I have the tools and the know how to win!

The Decision:

Six month ago I made the decision to go all in and create a business doing what I loved. The center of this business was

  1. bible study ( I love bible study!) and
  2. me: being a multi-passionate human being

I wanted to incorporate my fun and quirky side, and my creative side into my business. Leaving nothing out.

It’s still a work in progress – but by God’s grace I will make it!

This bible study website will be one with a difference!

For positive, driven Christians all over the globe ( that’s my vision)

Onward – march!

6 months is gone; It's time to reflect.

Solo Build It Review: My Concern

I am scared.

6 months in, and I am still scared.

Taking this leap has been the scariest thing I have ever done! It’s scarier now knowing that I have been trying to build an online business since 2012 and have little to no success thus far.

Apart from my wonderful husband, there’s no one else that supports or even understands my vision for my life. Sharing it with another only brings concerned looks, negativity, and “supportive comments” that’s actually NOT.

Being 34 years old, at times I wonder if I should just do what everyone else is doing ( job, mortgage, car, children).

So I’m scared.

I’m scared that once again I may not be doing everything right and I might fail.

I’m scared that perhaps I’ve made the wrong choice for my business and not many people would want or need a business like mine.

Giving up on my dream has never worked well for me, because hidden deep inside there’s something that just won’t let me feel comfortable standing still. So I forge on.

I am on a path that – although I cannot see the end clearly, and although I do not have all my dots connected – I know without a doubt that I am doing the right thing.

How long will it take to victory?

I do not know.

That’s left up to Christ and myself.

Now that I’ve gotten that off of my chest, it’s time to really get into this solo build it review.

6 Months in, as expected in any business, it has been a little tough. But To God be all the glory.

Solo Build It Review: The Victories

  1. I swallowed my fears, hesitations ( thoughts of all the money I’ve wasted), simple laziness and just went for It: 6 months ago, I decided to give solo build it another chance. I swallowed my hesitation, read a great solo build it review to see if anything changed while I was away and I finally decided that it was time to try again. I have not regretted that decision. There’s so much that has improved that now I really can see victory ahead.
  2. I zoned in on my Site Concept : In one solo build it review that I read, the lady talked about using a professional to help her find a site concept. So I tried it 1 month in. I am happy that I took their advice and tweaked my concept. Now, I really am excited about my site concept: "bible study for beginners". It’s exactly what I wanted to offer, without realizing it. I would recommend this to anyone! Spend time finding the right fit.
  3. I got a new Site Design: I’ve already gotten some raving reviews about my new site’s look and feel ( alright, to be honest, 3 of those reviews came from my husband and 2 other friends and 1 from an actual customer. But I still got great reviews :) ) . I love my new bible study site design and I am happy that I put some money where my mouth is and did a new design.
  4. I got raving reactions from my bible study videos: Now this is the biggest of the biggest for me. I was a little impatient waiting for google and those Search Engine Critters to catch on to the wonderful site and information that was on Positively Driven Christian ( yep, I’m a little bias). Organic traffic was taking too long. So I decided to help them out a little. I did some videos and advertised them on facebook. Never in my life did I think that I would be getting such raving reactions from my videos. People really need my information! In one video I got 20000 views, over 500 likes and nearly 70 shares ( that’s a lot for me), in another nearly 4000 visitors to my webpage in one week and 188 likes on my page. I love this business!
  5. I am enjoying the process of building my website: I am really enjoying the process of building out my website. My vision for this bible study website is grand, and I am trying not to run ahead of myself, but take it one word at a time. Just creating lessons make me really excited, because I am doing what I love ( bible study) and then creating a page around it. My goodness I love this job!
  6. I love me some Solo Build It newsletters: Usually I would run away from any newsletter that comes to my inbox but I love SBI newsletters. Apart from updating us on what is happening behind the scenes, every newsletter has a success story. Just reading those success stories from other SBI’ers and seeing their websites for myself give me a little boost. I feel like if they can, I can too.
  7. I love the new and improved Action Plan: It is really a lot less cluttered with ( too much info) just enough to guide and then more info is located in the links and sidelines for you to read, when you need to.
  8. I found lots -and I mean lots - of keywords with Brainstorm it: How can I end my first solo build it review without talking about brainstorm it! I really did find some valuable keywords with the Brainstorm it tool that helped guide the outline of my site. However, I've decided to use other keyword tools too, because, I really can't feel comfortable putting my faith into just one. But all in all, that Brainstorm it tool really helps.

My most successful blog

Based on the response from facebook my most successful blog in these six months is "How to enjoy your bible"

My favorite blog

It's hard to choose a favorite blog page. But based on the message that I wanted to leave with my viewers the favorite blog page for me is "tips to spiritual growth". I keep revisiting it and rereading it. Enjoying it every time.

Now it’s time for me to throw a little “spoil child tantrum” in this solo build it review.

Solo Build It Review: A Little 'Tantrum' Won't Kill Anyone

Tantrum: Why Oh Why Does Traffic Building Take This Long?

I’ve been building my webpages for at least 6 months and my traffic ( organic traffic that is) has settled at a comfortable 60. For all my effort I would have enjoyed seeing at least 300. Google, Bing and Yahoo seems to be ignoring me completely, so it’s safe to say that I am a little impatient. After trying my hand at online business since 2012 ( trying everything under the sun), I just want it to work already.

So I am crying a little “why doesn’t Google like me?”

Google takes quite a bit of time to warm up to company.

So I have to give it some time to trust me. In the meanwhile I work and build, so that when it does begin to like me, I will have more than enough content to feed the floods of traffic that is on its way!

Solo Build It Review: A Mistake with MailChimp

Well actually this is not SBI's fault. They had nothing to do with this one. It was all me.

This time around the band wagon I decided to use MailChimp to capture my subscribers. On my other websites I used Getresponse. Although Mailchimp is quite simple, there’s still a learning curve. 2 months ago I added an optin form to my site and overlooked the fact that MailChimp starts out with a free plan for up to 2000 subscribers.

Did you hear correctly? – yep, it's absolutely free.

And there I was paying $10 a month like a doh-doh until Jason Zook’s Creativity For Sale book opened my eyes. Come on Joan, wake up and smell the roses!

Learn from my mistake – get an optin form immediately and read through the plans carefully before spending unnecessary funds.


All in all, building my website with solo build it has been a blast! An endless stream of excitement and I can wait for the next 6 months!

So that was my solo built review 6 months in. I hope you enjoyed it and you would stay with me along my Solo Build It journey with Positively Driven Christian.

Until next time, stay positive, stay driven and stay Christian.

Be safe

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