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Why I Left and Why I Came Running Right Back

This is an exhaustive journal containing my personal journey with SBI: Why I chose to join; why I left and then why I decided to return. It also includes my thoughts, challenges, successes and tips along the way.

The purpose for writing this journal:

1.     To Help others that may be searching for supporting information on SBI to make that step.

2.     To fill in the gaps: After searching the web on SBI, you may be like myself and realize that there are articles completely for ( giving all the shining bells and whistles) or completely against ( it’s a scam, don’t do it!). After reading both myself, I still had questions that I needed answers to. So I decided the best way to really know the truth is to try it myself! And then tell others of my experiences

3.     Is to document my journey along the road using Solo Build It

First thing's first: I'm returning to SBI

Yes, you read correctly. So I was a previous customer of Solo Build It and encountered lots of hiccups along the way that I really could not overlook so I decided to leave ( more on that later). The main reason for my return is because SBI has been the only true place that I received a clear guide and true assistance for ‘nearly achieving success’.

( Note: If I had stayed on the Action Guide and not Dropped out after Day 8 I probably would have achieved success!)

Just like the prodigal son: after going out and wasting lots of money ( lots! Of money) on shining lights that really did not help but hindered; after experiencing endless hardship; after wasting many years’ experiencing information overwhelm; endless frustration;  I decided to go back home J

DETOUR: My 6 months Solo build it review

Review # 1: Happy 6 months anniversary! A few months has passed since my return to solo build. It's time for my first review

Review # 2: It's now 1 year! My how time flew by. Time for a short solo build it update:

 I feel terrible admitting this but, I took a 5 months break from site development to focus on my Bachelors Degree is Human resources. Now I am kicking myself for taking so much time away! I have not added much more pages and its now 1 year into my business - ugh! I honestly thought that I would be so much farther. So, I have no updates for this 6 months.

I did see something interesting though: Google has caught the scent of my website pages and I am seeing a slow development in traffic. yep, its did drop to around 40 per day but now I am at 60 t0 70 per day again, and some time a spike to around 100 per day, and I have only added about 4 pages through these months.

If only I had more content - I am sure traffic would have climbed a-lot more by now.

That's it for me. ( P.S. I am still trying to do some link building)

Will tell you what happens in the next review. See yah! Joan.

My Search For Something More Than a 9 - 5 Cubicle

It was 2012. I was working a 9 to 5 job, paying my bills on time, but not happy. Something was missing. I would look outside my window and wonder if this is really what ‘life’ should be like. I felt so unfulfilled, empty, with no true purpose or direction. In short, I wanted something more. But I had no clue ‘what’ the ‘something’ was that my heart was yearning after.

I started reading books.

I shifted from reading romance novels to reading success books.

I started with “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki and then “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill and that’s when the fire ignited with me. I realized then that what I really wanted was “Freedom and Purpose, Helping Others, While Doing Something I Loved”.

In April 2012 I read the book that changed my perspective “First Steps to Wealth” by Dani Johnson. This book made me realize that these desired that I had for a greater existence, was God’s doing. He placed them there not me. He knows what I should become, so I began asking God for direction.

In September 2012, during a 3 month trip to the United Stated I landed on a website by the name “” by Lisa Irby and on her very first page she began speaking about Solo Build It also known as Site Sell and SBI.

I never heard about it before, but Lisa (my then guru) swore by it, that it was able to not only help me to build a website but a successful one. So I went searching for Solo Build It, found their promotion pages and realized it truly existed.

With little prompting, I was eager to try anything, and with only 29.99 USD monthly ( $81.00ECD) and a 3 months money back guarantee, I decided to let go of my concerns and try it!

I’m still happy I did.

It taught me a whole lot.

My First Website Was Up: With Happiness Comes Issues

I was excited to be building my own website, controlling everything, getting traffic, having people ask for my help on my topic. I created a book and began getting ‘leads’, which means people signing up for my inbox and emails.

Wow I really began getting lots of people in my inbox.

And I really started seeing the traffic to my site build.

My Concerns With Solo Build It ( in 2012)

I had some concerns though:

Site Design: What I hated was the horrible site design options that we had to choose from. Most looked like child’s play. Very unprofessional and I wanted to be taken seriously.

Incompatibility with many things:  I was limited in the options that I could use within the website

Look and Feel: I just could not find a template design that I liked and that looked good enough.

The Fonts Was Changing On Their Own: Plus when the words were published on the web for some reason they would shift out of place and started looking tacky. Me being a stickler for perfection, really had issues with this one.

Lots ( Even sometimes too much) of Information to Read: Which made me confused and sometimes overwhelmed

Seemed a Little Clunky: Everything just seemed a bit to clunky

Bounce Rate was High: People were coming on to my website, but they were not staying. I contributed this issue to the website’s look and feel ( even thou, it could have been the content ;) )

Then I Found Wordpress

In the midst of it all, I found the miracle of  Wordpress ( or so I thought). Everyone knows Wordpress is the bomb! The look and feel made everything look beautiful, clean and professional and top that off the templates and plugin options were limitless.  There was nothing that cannot be done just by the click of a mouse. The Sky was the limit!

Solo Build It started looking less and less like the correct option for me, and more like a waste of time and money, so I decide ‘ Site Sell be gone’. lol . I left Solo Build it behind and went to Wordpress.   

Fast Forward To Present: Wordpress - That Was A Mistake

Yes, you read correctly. Going to wordpress was a mistake. More like 4 years of mistakes.

For starters: I had to start all back over with wordpress

I left Solo Build It in 2014 ( my mind left ;) but I officially closed my account in 2016) to pursue wordpress full-time. I had lots of ideas and thought I could build a successful business from scratch with all the information I received from Solo Build It.

My, was I wrong!

After 4 years with wordpress ( emptier pockets,  wider knowledge, but not success) I realized that I was nowhere nearer to achieving my dream of “freedom, purpose, helping people, and doing something that I love, while making money”.

Wordpress may be a wonderful site-building platform, but unless you already have a successful business, you may probably become frustrated as I did trying  to make your site successful.

Do not get me wrong: Wordpress is great if you already have a product and an audience. But for us ‘normal men and women’ who have no clue where to begin, or how to build a website, or how to get traffic to the website and turn this traffic into buyers – yes ‘the starters’ or the ‘intermediates’, we need help and a system: a step-by-step guide to success.

Oh no, I’m not saying I will never use Wordpress again: I will just use it a little later ( after my business becomes successful).

I Realized Solo Build It did give me that help and a powerful behind the scenes engine that worked wonders.

Like the prodigal son, after many trials and errors – I realized that I had all I needed at Solo Build It.

They had everything to take me from beginning to success ( if only I could keep from worrying about the look and feel of the website :)

So like the prodigal son it was time to go home.

And by home, I mean go back to Solo build it , the place where success was really possible for me.

Note: Yes, there's plenty that Wordpress can do. It is easier to use, and has lots of supporting gadgets. Therein lies the excitement. It’s like a shiny new toy. But soon you may become frustrated when you realize that there is really no user manual and you will have to go to figure out how to use every single aspect of it for yourself.

Figuring out SEO can be a chore. SEO, is short for “how am I gonna get people to visit this wonderful website that I have built?! – Where is the ttraffic?”                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

The list of frustrations is endless, and with it comes the gurus ( or vultures) lined up to profit from your frustrations.

The real truth is website success comes through CONSISTENCY in the right direction.

Back to Solo build it I go ( with my tail between by legs) - Journal Begins here -

 August 2017 - I woke up! After months of feeling depressed and hopeless I realized that I had fallen off my path and lost sight of my purpose. I had given up on my dreams. I decided to change things.

I read a few pages of Brendon Burchard ‘Motivation Manifesto’ and it gave me the zing I needed to try again. I had failed twice already but I decided it’s time to give it another try.

Solo Build it was the closest I had gotten to success, so I decided I am going back to SBI.

I decided if I do not go back to Solo Build it I might have another 5 years of going around in circles on Wordpress without any results.

Reasons for Returning:

1.     Site Sell’s promise is True: With my previous experience, I can safely say that the promises that Solo Build it have made has proven to be true. Once you are willing to put in the time and the effort you will get great results.

2.     SBI takes your hand with step by step guide to success

3.     If you want better looking website or more help in any area: You can just “let SBI do it” using their PRO’s ( at a cost of course)

4.     It’s the only business, that I can say will show me results within the first 3 to 6 months. Show me the trafficc!

SBI Has Upgraded: There's Now Two Options

The first thing I realized when I went searching is that SBI has upgraded. There's now Original SBI and SBI for Wordpress.

At first glance my excitement hit the roof. I can now have the power of SBI with the beauty if wordpress? I could want for nothing more!

After some more research it was clear:

SBI the Original: has all the bells and whistles, tools, Action Guide, Brainstorm it, along with SBI website and hosting: little to no down time and the page speed is magnificent, which is good to help with Google rankings.

SBI for Wordpress: After reading SBI for wordpress web pages, other articles, talking to the help desk, other SBI users, and finally purchasing SBI for wordpress myself, I have concluded that SBI for wordpress is just a plugin with the Action Guide and Brainstorm, and helpful articles.

The real power lies behind the scenes of the in the Original SBI.

So until there's a major overhaul of SBI for Wordpress, I will sit still and purchase SBI Original.


September 29th 2017: I bought SBI Original - Again

My initial reaction when I first opened Solo Build It  was wow, things have really upgraded.

Everything is much more organized and looks cleaner. I like it already.

Solo Build It Intro: there's an introduction in the Action Guide. It helps to not only out everything into perspective, but calm any nervousness and give a brief overview of what to expect going forward. Just enough information to peek the interest and get you primed to begin.

I read every single word. I am taking this thing seriously this time. Slow and steady wins the race.

I have to admit, it was very straight to the point - not too long at all.

Time to read day one of my Action Guide, and complete the Steps.

My Overview of each day in the Action Guide

Day 1: 

The intro got me excited. Moving on the Day 1.

Day 1 was a little longer: but still clean and to the point.

I finished Day 1 in a day .

I like how they break everything down into steps and checklists along the way. Making sure that you have done their suggestions before continuing.

Day 1 is more like a summary as well. It helps you to understand what is meant by certain terms, and offers support through forums, and prepare your mindset for what is to come.

There are links (through the text) and on the side, that guide you to other supporting information.

What I love is that, they have reduced the link to just the most important ‘must read’.  So that means the process no longer overwhelms me.

I really have to say that they are getting better at feeding just enough information at just the right time.

On to Day 2….

Day 2

This is where the fun begins!

Finding your site concept.

This is a very important area.

And Solo Build It broke it down so that we can understand the best ways to get it done through Brainstorm it. I recommend that you really take time to go through the information right here so that you can really find that ‘main three site concepts’ that you love!

It’s not only number ( or keyword crunching) but marrying it with something that you enjoy and would love to do on the long term.

For me  -after 4 years as the ‘prodigal son – I had already found my site concept.

So, this information was just a refresher for me.

I have to say one thing about Brainstorm it thou:

I have to admit, people love this tool, but for me I’m still iffy about it. Yes it provides keywords! But can I really trust my whole business success into the hands of one Keyword tool?

Nope. I still don’t feel quite comfortable about that

Anyways, I guess that’s my hang ups

If you are like me, then I recommend, in addition to SBI Brainstorm it, to use other supporting tools like Google Keyword Planner and Jaaxy. Those are my two favorites.

What I did at the end of Day 2 that really changed my life and business

I asked for help

As I said before, I don’t intend to fail this time, so to make sure that I was on the right track I called in the Pros

Solo build It Pros that is .

I scheduled for a ½ call with a Pro just to make sure that my site concept was solid.

They were swift about it! – I might add

And by the time I ended my conversation with her (mine Pro was a she) I realize that she was right, My site concept  ‘ bible study topics’ was not quite right! 

That’s why I need and extra set of eyes, because I never saw it her way!

It was still too broad. Still too vague.

After a few more runs through the Google keyword crunching mill – to niche my concept I final saw an area that was perfect for me ‘bible study for beginners’

And that’s when I lit up!

The light turned on in my head. That’s my space. My home.

I highly recommend, not doing the Action Guide alone. If it’s possible for you, call in the swat team! Get help for each area, or at least those areas that you aren’t quite sure about.

It’s better to spend a few dollars on a call that will change your future, than spending 3 years working on a site concept that were wrong from start.

Day 3

Day 3 was the longest day of my life…

It took me 1 month and a half to finish.

Brainstorming Profitable topics

Man I was sweating bullets!

This is probably the most important area, finding your keywords and topics to begin doing your site outline blue print.

I remember failing at this the first time because I rushed everything. I did not want to fail again.

Now I realize what Ken keep saying all along: if you get the foundation wrong, your whole business will not be successful

So I took my time at Day 3, did everything by the letter.

Man it was some serious keyword crunching. Some serious research on my part to get every right ( I still don’t think I got everything completely perfect)

I finished Day 3 on the 14th November.

And I am happy that I spent the time.

Day 4

Took me 2 days to complete

It’s all about researching the market to find the best ways to monetize your business.

I found tons!

Everything is laid out for you to follow, checklist, and charts so that you can tweak as you do the research.

Yes it’s work. But if you really put in the time, it will benefit you in the long run.

And created my monetization blue print and I was ready for Day 5

Day 5 here I come: time to create my website!!

Day 5

I spent 2 days on Day 5.

I thought it would be a breeze after all the work that I had already done, but Solo Build It was not done with me yet!

It’s all about making your website personal, and how to stand out from al other website to ensure you win and understand the best way to approach website design.

At first I was like…man just let create my website already!

But after going through each Step, they won me over.

I saw the importance addressing the Content, Site look and feel, domain branding, and creating a proper domain name at the onset!

Day 6

I am now at Day 6: the site construction stage.

What I realize is that Day 6, Day 7,Day 8,Day 9, Day 10, kind of works hand in hand.

I will forever be constructing my site (adding more pages and refining the look and feel, and ease of navigation and valuable content)

So you are not expected to ‘finish’ Day 6 to move on the Day 7 (building free traffic) you are just expected to complete the most important steps.

And add more pages as you go along, while building traffic.

Then when you reach a certain level in traffic, then you begin building relationships ( Day 8)…

Then Day 9 ( Know your visitors) joins the band wagon.

And soon after monetization ( Day 10).

So there will be no end to this sweet madness!!

The Site Construction Stage> I Want a New Site Design

( *crying* and throwing a spoil child tantrum) I want a new site design.

Yes, Solo Built It has some really nice Free Site Designs, but personally they do not work for me.

They might work for you, so I recommend trying at least one.

But for me, most site designs that they offer seems a bit amateur. To get this right I was willing to pay for what I wanted.

And what I wanted was a

  • clean look and feel
  • to be taken seriously
  • to have a beautiful and personal site design that I love
  • to have Solo Build It’s engine running the whole thing!

So, I decided from the very beginning that I will call in the professionals!

I went searching for the best person for the job and everyone ( check the Solo Built It forum) was screaming Mike Fulson’s name!

So I went to Solo Build It’s professional support area and made my order!

I am still creating my site design as we speak so I will keep you posted.

Recommendations to get this done on your site:

1.     Go to Solo Build It support and ask for an estimated cost to get what you want done. Be very specific with what you would like done, give the name of the person ( if you have your website preferred designer) : They will send back and estimated amount of work hours to have your project completed and guide you work begin the process

2.     Be willing to pay a pretty penny for what you want: it will not come cheap. But it will be worth it

3.     Do your website design in stages: For me Stage 1 “Basic Website Design’ – took care of the font and page width and color of back ground, Header design, basic logo, and H1 – H4 design, Paragraph line spacing. Stage 2: Will focus on social icons and option forms, and so on. As the money is provided, I will add more layers to my site design until it is finished.


It’s a work in progress – but I am willing to do the work, once I know that I ( and my business) will progress! And I still think that Solo Build It is the best business for the job.

My website's new design is complete!

I am so excited!

Cheer to Mike Fulson, Solo Build It Pro for this awesome job so far in designing this website. And for his patience. There is still so much to do but I am happy to say that I love my new website design. It is so fitting.

My Before Pic: The Old Design

The After  Pic: My New Website Design

Of course there will be changes in the future. But for now. this is my happy face.

Celebrating small victories

It is April 23rd 2018. I think it's time for an update.

solo build it

Well I am still at Day 6 / Day 7: Building pages and traffic with solo build it. And boy, it is hard work.

My traffic has grown from 7 persons -organically- in the first month  ( to be fair I began my site on 14th of November); to now a cool 60 persons - organically- after 5 months.

That is not a lot! I know. I hate the growth being this slow. And boy am I thinking of new ideas to make it grow faster. But I am very happy that there is growth.

But that is still a small victory in my books. We are moving on up!

Victory #2 - you've got mail

solo build it

I received my first contact ( get form data) and WebMail yesterday. I was so excited that I read and answered the form before I even took a picture!

So this only shows the WebMail. But I am so happy. People are beginning to leave messages.

Victory 3 - Lucky #7!

7 people likes my website. It's building - *praying* "Lord please let it build faster". But it's building!

Victory 4 - the comments are coming in

Alright, it's only 2 comments, but it's still comments.

The miracle is a few days before the first comment came, I whispered a prayer and asked the Lord to just give me some indication that people are reading and liking the pages. My request was to just allow someone to leave a comment and WAM! It's here - '2' came.

So yes I am doing a dance!

Victory 5 - 117 likes!

I receives 117 likes to one of my video post and page! And that's a victory in it self! Here's the page.

So, remember my 'first contact' message that I mentioned above?

The person ( I would refer to as H.B) was a very nice person. And I have to say, hearing from someone else that your Solo build it journey is lovely and my website is beautiful had me smiling widely. What topped it off, they asked for my advice ( ...someone is asking my advice!). Here's the email and my response:

Hello: Love your journey with SBI. I started in 2006 and never created a site. I am almost thinking of going back. I would like to know what, if you may, was your investment in someone helping you with building this beautiful website? I would appreciate some feedback. What I would love to do is a Radical Healing website. Thanks.

Hi  H.B.
I'm so happy you contacted me. I would be glad to assist. First, I
really do think that you should try it again ( take it from a girl
that tried 5 different times  ( on wordpress)  and then back to SBI
again. You can do this!
Investment 1
SBI professional to review my site concept to make sure it was on
point – Cost about 40 USD if I could recall. ( I'm actually thinking of doing in again to make sure my navigation is ok, based on SEO requirements)

Investment 2
Well for the building of my site, I learnt one thing. Start with the
basics of a white background ( Just like Google). So I went searching for websites I liked: these were some of my favorites: [1] [2]
And one more ( cant find it right now)

All was created by Mike Fulson. So I took Barbados-island-bliss concept and contacted SBI (Professional ) and asked for Mike to work on my project. He's quite a nice person to work with. I will not change him for
the world.

Brace yourself: it cost me $400 USD for starters to have work done (
basic white background, font changes, navigation bar work, links to
top area, basic logo, and the picture in the header ).

The good thing is that everything was set so that I can make changes
myself going forward without having to pay money again. I know it's a lot of money, so I took a deep breath and jumped, then paid it off in intervals on my credit card. ( that was hard ☺).

As you can see I am still at phase 1. I still have some little tweaks to do in phase 2. But I am satisfied for now.

Hope I helped somewhat, if you have any questions please feel free.
I am willing to assist. Joan.

I Have 8 Subscribers!

I feel like shouting from the roof tops. I have 8 subscribers! yayy me.

I need a megaphone right now to go around telling everyone.

I know what you are saying ... "Joan it's only 8 subscribers"

But it's my first 8 subscribers at solo build it. People like my videos enough to put their email down to get more of my stuff! And they did say that the money is in the list, right! So all I have to do it put out quality videos and they'll join.

The thing is I had no clue that I had 8 subscribers.

I signed up for Mailchimp 2 months ago but I was not receiving any notifications to say that people were signing up so I automatically so I thought, my solo build it site was still young, no one had even bothered.

But I was wrong...the notification setting was not on!

So today, 2nd May, I opened my Mailchimp and lo-and-behold I saw 8 subscribers!

I nearly fell out of my chair!

Let's do a jig together for my 8 subscribers ( jig, jig)

On to making mischief somewhere else...

Note: This will be an ongoing journal of my thoughts about Solo Build It also known as SBI and Site Sell. I can only promise I will share the truth in my opinion. Stay tuned. This might get saucy!

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