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Let me be honest.

Spiritual growth is hard work. It takes desire, consistency, discipline, application of God's word to begin to see the fruits of growth in our lives.

Even thou this is one of the most important, if not, THE MOST important aspect of our Salvation Process; many people avoid it at all cost!

Run for the hills!

If you are reading this spiritual maturity bible study right now, then you are not one of those people. You mean business with the King! And that's the very first ingredient for Spiritual growth; "a-made-up-mind".

You have to reach to the point where you desire God more than your necessary food; you desire to see change in your life, the life of your family, and community; you just want to be where God is and you will do what takes ...

Unfortunately, many people believe that salvation begins and ends by just simply saying ‘yes’ to Jesus Christ. This is so far from the truth.

When we say ‘yes’ to Jesus Christ heaven rejoices, however, our salvation does not end there. It has actually just begun. Saying yes has placed us at the starting point of our spiritual walk and there is still much grounds to cover. Listen to what Peter says:

1 Peter 2:1-5(KJV) "Wherefore laying aside all malice, and all guile, and hypocrisies, and envies, and all evil speakings, as newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby"

There is yet, so much that we must ‘learn’ and ‘unlearn’ so that we can be where God wants us to be; where he can use us entirely for his glory. This is why spiritual growth is so necessary for us, as Christians, in this hour. It represents moving beyond the basics and moving towards a life of full devotion to God.

Don't get fooled with these myths

Is spiritual growth possible? Absolutely. Do you have to wait until you ‘get to heaven’ to attain spiritual growth? Absolutely Not!

Do you want to:
1. Have a closer relationship with God?
2. Have a better prayer life?
3. Have a more consistent, deeper and meaningful journey
4. Have a better understanding of God's word
5. Be more stronger to be able to resist temptations?
6. Know and understand the voice of God and his directions
7. Have Peace in the midst of turmoil?

Does any of these questions speak to the desires of your heart? Well great. Because you no longer have to search here and there, all over the internet, for tad bits of information on how you can achieve this growth.

What I realize is we can find lots of information on what to do , but not many on How to do it. So how can we get from point A to point B in our spiritual lives? That's the question. A you will find the answers right here.

I have taken the time to break down the process of attaining in these spiritual maturity bible study because I want my brothers and sisters to not only understand but DO the actions. You see my journey continues. Because my desire of heart is to not only be a Christian, but to go beyond the veil. I mean business with God and I am sure you do as well.

So as I learn and as I grow, you too will learn and grow as well. I want you to have everything you need so that you can no longer hide behind excuses. You can step away from your comfort zone and reach the places in God that you so desire.

But First We Need The Gift of the Holy Ghost

Wanna Learn More About the Holy Ghost?

  1. Lesson 1: What is the Holy Ghost?
  2. Lesson 2: Experiencing the Holy Ghost: How does it feel? What to expect?
  3. Lesson 3: Sealed by the holy Spirit: Is that even important?

Below you will find several introductory spiritual maturity bible study lessons

These spiritual maturity bibles study lessons to get you on the journey. Each lessons is filled with practical steps to will produce enormous outcome.

By applying these principles to your daily lives in Christ, you will begin to see dynamite changes. The question is not ‘if’ these principles will work. It is whether you are going to ‘work them’. Meaning, whether you will put them into practice, and how often will you do so.

And that's where our first lesson begins .... with the most important area - Spiritual Discipline.

I wrote these lessons not for you to sit and enjoy , but for you to sit up and think. I want each lesson to create an urgent stir within you, that cries, 'IT'S TIME FOR CHANGE'

May God Richly bless you and give you the desires of your heart.

Introductory Spiritual Maturity Bible Study lessons

Be safe

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