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Hello my name is Joan from Positively Driven Christians and we're going to be covering a few questions that might be burning about the book of John the first question:


Here are the questions that will be answered in this video:

  1. Is the gospel of John in the bible?
  2. Is John the Baptist the same as Apostle John?
  3. Is John the Baptist the Author of John?
  4. How many chapters are in the Gospel of John?
  5. When was the book of John written?
  6. What is the book of John about?
  7. What is unique about the book of John?


  1. Is the Gospel of John in the Bible? And the answer to that question is a big yes. It is actually the fourth book of the New Testament that's 1) Matthew, 2) Mark 3) Luke 4) John ..flip ... and you’ve found with the  the fourth book of the New Testament.
  2. Is John the Baptist and the Apostle John is the same person?: The answer is no. It seems like there were quite a bit of people that had these common names like John and Mary around those times and that's the reason why you might be seeing 'John' popping up quite often but they are actually two different people so there was John the Baptist and there was Joh.
  3. Is John the Baptist the author of the book of John? I know this might be a very easy question for you to answer but to be quite honest I've been reading the book of John for quite some time and I have never actually focused or concentrated on who is the author of the gospel of John and in my mind I was just like maybe it's John the Baptist but the truth is the book of John was written by John one of Jesus's disciples and not John the Baptist
  4. How many chapters is in the book of John? There are 21 chapters in this book and each chapter you’ll realize it's quite long with a lot of verses: sometimes you'll find 40 or 50 or 60 or even 70 verses in a one chapter
  5. When was it written? Of course I was not back in those days so I won't know the exact time-frame but after doing some research I found out that it's between ninety to a hundred CE which is the common Era somewhere around that time period is when the book of John was written
  6. What is the book of John about? Well it gives like a detailed -  extensively long details - about the life of Jesus, the miracles of Jesus everything that happens I will happen around Jesus when he was here he went in some serious detail in the book of John. Things you might not be able to find in Matthew Mark or Luke
  7. What is the Purpose of the Book of John? In John 20 about the last two or three verses of John 20 he said because he wanted to reveal Jesus Christ as the Son of God and that whosoever believeth might have everlasting life through his name so that is the reason why John was created

Is there anything particularly unique about the book of John?

Well, everybody has their own uniqueness but for me what stood out was the interaction between Peter and Jesus. He was eager and zealous when it came to Jesus and his friendship and love for the Lord.

Also, what stood out was as I said before the detailed lengths that John went through to the account for everything that happened between the life of Jesus. There's a lot of things that is placed in the book of John that we might not find in other Gospels of Matthew, Mark or Luke

It's worth a read and that's why we’ll reading the book of John right now :)

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