Learn The Right and Wrong Way to Pray and Avoid Common Pitfalls

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Have you been praying wrong all along? By the end of this short video you will learn:

1) 7 things that you must NOT do when you pray

2) 7 must do's every time you pray

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A Few Take Aways On The Right And Wrong Way To Pray

Today we are going to talking just for a few minutes about the right and wrong way to pray. So let's jump right in:

The wrong way to pray:

1) Do not approach God doubtful: but know and understand that God hears everything that you say

2) Do not be fearful: God is approachable. He wants to have a relationship with you. So being fearful with the words that you say or even any movements that you make will only make prayer tense and not enjoyable. Relax in his presence.

3) Do not try to copy what others do or say in prayer: your prayer should come from a completely genuine and personal place. Prayer should be from the heart, so try to adapt a heartfelt prayer every time you bow your knees.

4) Don't approach God in insecurity: thinking that you are totally without a doubt, not worthy enough to even have a conversation with God. You are! He thinks  you are, for that's the very reason he died!

5) Do not approach God in pride: thinking that accomplishments in life make any of us worthy to stand before his presence. It really does not. So be instead humble

6) It is not necessary to scream when praying: God can is not far away from you. He is actually in us, and more importantly can hear even the thoughts that we think. So, screaming is not necessary. I know there are emotional times when pray can come out with a scream but understand that it is not necessary to make this a must-do in prayer.

7) Do not be impatient in prayer: God heard you and the answer will come. The answer may not be yes, it may be wait, or no. But the answer is going to come, so be patient.

The 7 Right Ways To Pray

Here's the 7 ways that can pray to ensure you do it the right way:

  1. Be Present
  2. Be Reverent
  3. Be Humble
  4. Be Fervent
  5. Be Genuine
  6. Have Faith
  7. Ask

Find out more about each area in the video

I enjoy our little chit-and-chats. Leave your comments below.

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