What Does Praise Mean; And How Do We Truly Worship God?

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In this section you will learn what does praise mean and what worship looks like. Praise and worship is so important that I must speak about it separately.

First let me ask you a list of ‘easy-hard’ questions:

Through constant praise and worship, the answers you can receive and the strength you can get, is absolutely amazing! You can literally propel your life into high spiritual gear by just daily having these constantly active in your life.

High, high spiritual gear!

What Does Praise Mean? How Can We Get Access To God?

Have you ever stopped to wonder why the high priest in Old Testament had to put incense in a censer?

When the incense traveled beyond the inner court into the most holy place, and the smoke became real thick, this allowed the high priest to enter beyond the veil into the most holy place of the temple, where God himself resides.

This incense represents prayer, praise and worship. Just this simple fact shows the intense power of praise and worship. What a mighty tool this is!

When speaking of worship, it is often confused with what ‘Praise’ means.

Praise comes from the Greek word 'ainesis' which does not simply mean adorations but it means 'glorying God through hymns, poem, music, accompanied with voice, harp, clapping, songs and adoration.’

When we praise, we express our high regard towards God and our approval of him.  A praise is usually a spontaneous action done to show God how we really feel about him.

Praise Confuses The Enemy of Your Soul

How is that even possible you wonder? Out of all the amazing examples that I could use just one fitting scripture comes to mind.

Praise and Worship Confuses The Enemy! 
( 2 Chronicles 20 )

It would be foolish to the natural eye for the children of Israel to go to battle without any weapons. I am sure their enemies laughed them to scorn, when they walked into battle with no armour no swords just instruments of praise. But this was not any natural war! It was a spiritual warfare! Satan's intended to use the Ammonites, Moabites, and the people of mount Seir to destroy the children of Israel.

The children of Israel might not have been decked with physical weapons of war, but they were armed and ready with their spiritual weapon of praise! This weapon of praise, confused their enemies. It cancelled their intentions. They might have been standing united at first, but praises brought division in their mind and instead of fighting against Israel with their weapons, they used their own weapons to destroy themselves. Talk about, a well-detailed plan gone real wrong! Instead of fighting, Israel sang praises up to God.

The battle was not theirs to fight, so they left it all in God's hands. They walked away from that battle without a scratch. None was destroyed. But the enemy, everyone were 'dead bodies fallen to the earth, and none escaped' As children of God, we must remember, this battle that we face, is not natural. It is a well-designed plan of the enemy to destroy God's people. But it will not work. The blood of Jesus is against him today! Our praises will turn the enemies plan of defeat, into our triumph of victory!

The first reaction after reading this story might be, what?! How is that even possible? Well it did happen. The children of Israel won a physical war, with physical people, through their spiritual weapon of praise. Now if this can happen, what can’t God do?

We have only just began to unravel what does praise mean. There is more ...

Coming Soon ...Lessons on Praise Will Be Going Right Here.

What Does Worship Look Like?

It unfortunate that many are not being told this truth - that Worship is entirely different to praise. Worship is a life walk. It is not limited to just a few praises from our lips, or maybe a hand clap here and there

Romans 12: 1 shows it clearly. It is a decisive dedication of our whole bodies – this includes all your members and faculties – as a living sacrifice, holy ( devoted, consecrated ) and well pleasing to God.

We worship God with everything that we do. We worship with our lives, our bodies, and our minds. When we worship God in Spirit and in Truth it brings us closer to him, which gives us power to overcome sin.

Our complete lifestyle, our conversation, our attitude, our daily life, our thoughts, what we look at, what we listen, should be dedicated to pleasing God. One simple way of beginning this journey of pleasing God, is to always have this question singing in your heart, ‘Will God be pleased?’

  • Will God be pleased with my actions today?
  • Will he be pleased with what I am about to say?

In other words, Christian Worship is not an action but a lifestyle!

Coming Soon ...Lessons on Worship Will Be Going Right Here.

Praise and worship are the most powerful tools that we have at our disposal, as Christians, but I am afraid to admit, it is often overlooked. Why is that so? Is it

  • Because it seems too simple to be effective?
  • Because it requires us to let go of our emotions and focus on God’s ability?
  • OR
  • Because it requires us to put away all that we have previously learnt, and trust God that, his way is the right way?

Leave your thoughts below ...

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