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What is Spiritual maturity and how would we know if we are growing Spiritually? Good question. Let's find the answers, shall we?

what is spiritual growth

Let's face it.

Simply saying yes to Jesus, and becoming a Christian, does not automatically make you spiritually mature. There is yet so much to learn and so much to 'unlearn' in this walk to Spiritual Maturity.

I have therefore catered this bible study lesson, for the answering of these two main questions.

So then what is spiritual growth?

Spiritual growth is maturity in Christ. Transformation from who you are, to be like Jesus Christ: through the washing of the Word of God, prayer, fasting, trials and testings, bible study, and daily remaining in his presence, applying the Word, obeying his guidance, and giving yourself over to His Will.

You learn to not only reverence him as God, but trust, love and falling in love with him, and he reveal himself to you in new and special ways.

You'll realize also that the activities that you take part in also changes and so does your behavior. In other words when this Growth begins it affects every part of your life. I like to refer to our process of Spiritual Growth as Metamorphosis which in the method of developing from immaturity to maturity.

Philippians 2:5 "Let this mind be in you,

which was also in Christ Jesus"

So, as we attempt to understand what is spiritual growth, it is important to note that this change first begins in our Mind. Our minds are very power tools.

It is the seat of Control for our whole body. If something goes wrong in the mind the whole body feels it.  It will either make you or break you.

Because our minds are so very powerful, the enemy has devised a cunning plan to fight against the mind of God's people, because he knows that once he can keep our minds off of God's promises, he can keep us from reaching where we should be in God.

Our mind is part of our Soul realm. Man is made up of Body, Soul and Spirit. We are Spirits that lives in a Body and possess a Soul. It is in the realm of the Soul where we experience all these difficulties.

Paul calls it 'warring in our members' because it is the soul that is made up of our emotions, our will, our mind, our motives, intellect and attitudes.

It in our Soul where we experience any hurts and pains. It is our soul that feels distressed and depressed. So then, when our soul is changed we emerge as something beautiful in the eyes of God where men can see the glory of God shining through us.

Putting on the mind of Christ

In order for our mind to change we must daily practice 'putting on the mind of Christ' which includes thinking and behaving like Jesus Christ and living and walking in the Word that we read or hear.

It is a good practice, when faced with any situation, to ask yourself, What would Jesus Do? How would he behave? What would he say? When we do so, we will realize, most of the times, that what Jesus would have said or done is completely  different to what we had in our thoughts to do!

As we continue to read the Word of God and apply it to our lives,  we will realize that as situations arises, the word of God will also come to minister to us right at the point of need. Be careful not to ignore when this happens for it is actually God attempting to intervene and give us direction.

While we are understanding what is spiritual growth we must also keep in mind that we cannot achieve this growth without the leading of the Holy Ghost which is the Spirit of God. We cannot grow without God's Spirit teaching us how to become more and more like him.

Many times we might feel like failures, trying so hard to do everything right, and failing every time, but we must realized that we are not in this walk by ourselves, the Holy Ghost is our helper.

We are attempting to do something that was not made for us to do on our own. God realized that we could not gain Spiritual Growth through our own power and our strength, so he sent us assistance.

The most important step to spiritual growth

what is spiritual growth

Let us look at this verse, to learn more about what is spiritual growth:

Romans 12: 2

And be not conformed ( to take pattern from) to this world: 

but be ye transformed ( changed )

by the renewing ( to make new again or different) of your mind

that ye may prove what is that good and acceptable 

and perfect will of God.

For us to begin this walk to Spiritual Maturity, we must first change our seamstress!

Yep you heard me right! That's exactly what the Word is saying.

The World must no longer be our Pattern. We must take our pattern straight from the Word of God and the life of Jesus. He is our perfect example.

You will slowly begin to unlearn, the practices that you learned while being in sin, as you continue to be reformed into a vessel prepared for the Master's use.

As you put on the mind of Christ, daily you mind will be made different. Soon the things that used to be a part of your life, that seemed so difficult to overcome, will be reduced to a distant unwanted memory.

If you do not take away anything from this bible study on what is spiritual growth, please remember one thing: growth in God is a lifelong Process and everyone grows in spirituality at a different pace.

Our growth is dependent on the time allotted to prayer, the Word of God, Bible Study and surrounding ourselves with the things of God.

How would You know that You're Growing?

Now that you know what is Spiritual Growth how will you know if you have been growing?

The following things will occur in your life when you are growing spiritually:

1. You'll begin to bear the fruit of the Spirit which is mentioned in Galatians 5: 22.

  • In place of Hatred you'll have continued Love.
  • In place of Anger and Malice you'll have real Joy.
  • In place of Worry and Fear you'll have Peace.
  • In place of a Impatience you'll have Longsuffering / Endurance.
  • In place of being Hurtful and Harsh you'll be Gentle
  • In place of considering to do evil in retaliation. Your thoughts would only be on doing good
  • In place of doubt, unbelief and insecurity you'll have Faith, Hope and Trust in the Lord
  • In place of Emotional Explosions, Outbursts, or Pride you will have Meekness
  • In place of being Hot Tempered you'll have Temperance

2. The Word of God will be practiced in your life as you increase in Knowledge and Understanding

3. You'll will have less desires for the things of the World and deepened desires for the things of God

4. You will not easily give in to sin or the enemy's cunning devices

5. You'll increase in strength to endure trials and temptations without murmuring and complaining but in Joy.

If  you have seen these evidence in your life, then you have been growing! The more we engulf our life in the things of God, the more we will grow.

I hope you've enjoyed this long winded version of explaining what spiritual growth is.

Wondering what else you can do to begin the spiritual growth in your lives? Onward march we go to the next lesson.

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