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"She Had An Idea"
Woman with the Issue of Blood Bible Study
Qualities of
A Female Overcomer

Lesson 3 of a Four Part Lesson on the Qualities of the Woman with an Issue.

- Matthew 9:21 -

For she said within herself, If I may but touch his garment, I shall be whole" - Matthew 9: 21

As women - we have no problem fighting for those that we love. Our children. Our spouse. Our family. Our friends.

Removing my Christian hat for a moment -

If anyone dares attempt to hurt my loved ones, I would see RED and go charging in defense of what I hold dear.

Wouldn't you?


Do we fight for ourselves with the same enthusiasm as we do for our loved ones?

Why don't we fight for our dreams?

Why we fight for where we want to be in Christ?

There are four traits that this woman had as an overcomer. The first one is found in the first part of Matthew 9: 21

"For she thought within herself..."

1) She had an idea

An idea that she never knew would carve her name down in history. But at this moment, I doubt she even cares.

Her idea was simple, yet oh so radical ...

"... she said within herself, If I may but touch his garment, I shall be whole" - Matthew 9: 21

Now, she had to make an instant decision - pursue this idea or leave it alone.

  • To pursue meant she'll have to come close to, remove or ingeniously surpass every obstacle to get to her goal
  • To purse meant that she might face the retribution of others

But what was the alternative?

Remain where she is and die?

She had to try.

Every one of us have ideas. What we do with these ideas is what counts.

Society already considered her unclean because of her issue; and she was expected to remain out of sight and out of mind.

Would she dare to challenge the status quo?

This Woman was willing to be radical, and go to great extremes for the change that she wanted.

2) She had a strategy

"... if I may but touch his garment."

She concocted a master plan of action designed to achieve her major aim - HEALING

3) She had Faith

"... I shall ..."

She did not have a moment of doubt. She knew that she would be healed

"I shall" expresses a strong assertion that whatever she desired will come to pass.

  • She already saw herself - as a healed woman.
  • She had no doubt whatsoever - that she would be a healed woman

4) She Focused on the End

"...be made whole"

She determined what her end would look like, and she kept that focus.

The enemy of our souls will not sit down and just hand anything to us. 

He places crowds of entanglement and hindrances to prevent us from seeing, much less achieving our God-given right in Christ.

But this Woman kept focusing on the end: with the determination that her goal is more important than any obstacle she faced.

Then she started walking.

And every step she took, she chanted "I shall be whole"

Every effort that she put forth was towards that thought - I shall be made whole.

As I Close This Woman With the Issue of Blood Bible Study

Let's me say this:

At this moment,

  • You may appear weak - as this Woman was 
  • or You may think that you are out of options 
  • or You might have no one in your corner to help you or cheer you on

But do not let this stop you.

Even if your idea is a radical one, God gave you that idea because he knows that you are quite capable of getting it done. 


Get - It - Done


  1. Setting your idea
  2. Crafting your strategy
  3. Having faith
  4. Staying focussed on the end

Now, let's start walking ...

In this woman with the issue of blood bible study, can you share an idea that you have been pondering whether you should pursue?

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