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Bible Study For Beginners Can Be A Struggle:

These guides make personal bible study for beginners a breeze.

Does Any Of These Challenges Ring A Bell?

  • You stare at a blank page when trying to do personal bible studies and wonder how do I even begin? How do you do a bible study?
  • Bible reading is boring instead of exciting? You hate to admit it, but you do not like reading the bible?
  • You want to, but you find the bible difficult to understand?
  • You feel timid asking for help because you feel like this is something you should already know?

But Wait! There's More ...

  • Books, sermons, articles, and even websites seems to make everything about Jesus Christ dull?... Where is the excitement I tell yah!
  • You listen to bible preaching or teaching and get blown away! and you say "Why can't I do that too?"
  • You want spiritual growth but it seems so far out of reach?
  • You can't seem to find clear step by step advice on how to really study the bible?
  • Trying to use bible study tools makes it more overwhelming than easy?
  • You've always googled to find bible information when all you've ever wanted was to know how to unlock the treasures of the Word yourself?

It's hard. I know. I've struggled with bible study too. And man was it a frustrating time for me. I went days, even weeks without reading the Word and struggled to take my relationship with God to the next level!

I often wondered whether I was even still a Christian! How could I be, when I didn't even feel like praying anymore!

I've been close to giving up too many times to count. But God helped me, so that I can help you!

Don't you fret - help has come!

Hi I'm Joan ...

And I can't wait to give you actionable advice to help you create and improve your personal bible study sessions.

Let me first say a big welcome and as you can see from my smile ...

You are in for a treat!

Preparation Time

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