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Bible Study For Beginners Can Be A Struggle:

These guides make personal bible study for beginners a breeze.

Does Any Of These Challenges Ring A Bell?

  • You stare at a blank page when trying to do personal bible studies and wonder how do I even begin? How do you do a bible study?
  • Bible reading is boring instead of exciting? You hate to admit it, but you do not like reading the bible?
  • You want to, but you find the bible difficult to understand?
  • You feel timid asking for help because you feel like this is something you should already know?

But Wait! There's More ...

  • Books, sermons, articles, and even websites seems to make everything about Jesus Christ dull?... Where is the excitement I tell yah!
  • You listen to bible preaching or teaching and get blown away! and you say "Why can't I do that too?"
  • You want spiritual growth but it seems so far out of reach?
  • You can't seem to find clear step by step advice on how to really study the bible?
  • Trying to use bible study tools makes it more overwhelming than easy?
  • You've always googled to find bible information when all you've ever wanted was to know how to unlock the treasures of the Word yourself?

It's hard. I know. I've struggled with bible study too. And man was it a frustrating time for me. I went days, even weeks without reading the Word and struggled to take my relationship with God to the next level!

I often wondered whether I was even still a Christian! How could I be, when I didn't even feel like praying anymore!

I've been close to giving up too many times to count. But God helped me, so that I can help you!

Don't you fret - help has come!

Hi I'm Joan ...

And I can't wait to give you actionable advice to help you create and improve your personal bible study sessions.

Let me first say a big welcome and as you can see from my smile ...

You are in for a treat!

Bible Study For Beginners Can Be Boatloads of Fun!

So much so that it blows your mind and at times can make you do a jig right there in your living room!

Seriously, it happens to me.

( Quite often, I might add, that my husband is seriously considering having me admitted :) Just kidding)

Imagine the time when you open God’s Word and you just do not want to stop! You are literally carried away by his awesome presence; and it becomes so sweet that you crave for even more. So intoxicating that TIME no longer matters: it’s only you and Jesus Christ. I invite you to embark on this unique experience...

  • Are you new to bible study? Then this site is for you.
  • Do you want to amp up your bible study sessions? Then this site is for you, too.
  • Looking for bible study lessons for spiritual growth? You've got it...

You may be a beginner in bible study today but by the time you are through with this website you'll be wielding your Sword ( pun intended . lol) like a bible studying ninja!

You Don't Need To Be A Pastor, Teacher or Evangelist

If you are, then that's great but you heard me right.

You don't even need to have a bible degree to have a blast in the Word of God.

You can become great at bible study even without those extra digits behind your name! It is freely given by God! Many have done it! Including me...

All you really need is a guide.

Simple Bible Study For Beginners Guide

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Preparation Time

If there’s one thing we can all learn from the Food Channel is that brilliantly crafted, delicious meals do not happen on a whim. Chefs spend hours in preparation (cutting, peeling, testing) before the doors of any 5 star restaurant is opened and any meal is served.

The same applies to bible study for beginners. We must do the same to truly feast at the Lord’s table as he reveals his secrets to you in his chambers. 

  1. Get better acquainted with the bible through these short fun lessons
  2. Start enjoying the bible again, with this daily bible reading road map
  3. The bible study preparation tool kit will get you ready in no time

Choose YOUR study bible

Now it’s time to choose your study bible ( let me break this down for you..)

Forget normal bibles (they have their place). This is about your companion in tribulation, your arsenal, your friend in the midnight hour, your source of comfort, your eye opener, life giver, and your spoon feeder. Yes, YOUR very first study bible. That’s the way I think every believer should view their study bible and there’s a study bible that is fitting; waiting just for you. Let’s go find it

Choose A Topic

Recommended Video: 5 Easy Ways to Find Bible Study Topics 

This is the exciting part. This area will shows you creative ways to find  and then pinpoint topics for bible study for beginners. But don’t get too carried away. Choose ‘easier’ topics for the first few lessons, just to get a feel of it.

Stick with me We’ll find you a topic before you know it

Gather Your Tools

As a beginner in personal bible studies all I ever wanted was help. Not just saying ’ Joan, get yourself a bible concordance… or ‘use cross references’ …but ‘actually showing me how to get it done’.

Find not only a list bible study tools but how to use them to get the most out of each bible study session.  Our tools are study books and guides that aid us in understanding the scriptures.

Learn and select from these aides to begin your bible study session today.

Select A Method

Use one of these methods of bible study for beginners

Luckily we have methods to help us be flexible in our approach to scripture, as we focus on a particular text, subject, or even a word. Each method will have a little learning curve, because of course it's something new.

But, give yourself time to adjust.

Eventually you will find your ‘mojo’ and you’ll begin moving through effortlessly. As you get comfortable, try another example until you have each one locked! It is quite OK to enjoy one method over another. Everyone has their favorites! Now, we will learn about each method is detail.

We’ve talked enough. Now it’s time for action. ( You’re about to find out how, right here)

Don’t worry you’ll do great!

Continually making it apart of your daily or weekly schedule; setting the mood ( with a little music) and prayer before beginning your bible study,  you’ll soon be having the best time – just you and Jesus.

New To This Bible Study for Beginners Website?

Enjoy these resources

Be sure to take advantage of these bible study aides: both present and those on the way! Such as

  • printable bible lessons
  • bible study for beginners plans
  • daily devotionals and workbooks
  • e-books
  • videos and audios

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