Learn How to Study The Bible
And So Much More!

Learning how to study the Bible can be a struggle, and spiritual growth may seem so far out of reach. That, however, is about to change with my help! You'll find learning how to bible study is actually easy, and quite fun! And together we can use the resources to live a spiritual purposeful life.

how to study the bible

I can't wait to help you with practical resources
to cultivate a truly intimate relationship with God
and reach your fullest potential in Christ

When I gave my life to Christ I felt like I had found the solution to my emptiness, I naturally craved more. I was so hungry for God, but I did not know HOW to reach him.

No one laid out a clear path for me to follow. The constant connection with God that I was searching for was not happening.

Then there was the issue of Bible Study

Everyone told me Bible Study was necessary, but no one really gave me a guideline for studying the Bible effectively.

I felt stuck, frustrated, worried, ashamed, and alone.

"All I wanted was for someone to one day take me by the hand and say Joan, here's how you do it ! Here are the steps and here's what you should do to get there! Wow! If I had that, I would have been so further along!"

Then Something Interesting Happened

Through TONS of prayer, God began to open my eyes. He taught me 'How to pray right'; 'How to enjoy and study the Word effectively'; 'How to get so much out of one Bible Study session'. He opened my eyes to the gifts that were already within me that I had just lain dormant and started leading me on a path towards my purpose.

I thought all would be solved, but I was wrong.

The pressures of life just kept getting in the way { work ; family; personal goals}, my spiritual life started to feel choked. I decided to make a personal shift [ I scheduled it into my planner!].

I started creating methods, plans, routines that kept me focused. I stuck to my guns, and each time I failed I picked myself back up again and again.

It got easier.

I've realized that I have more clarity in my life, I understand my purpose; I understand God's Word; my zeal for God has grown; I am stronger; I began to change for the better… in other words I was growing!

Slowly but surely, I grew.

"I will never forget the first time someone came up to me asking for my advice. They loved how I expounded the Word so clearly and wanted to enjoy and understand the Bible as I did. I was even more humbled that day."

  • I want to share these methods, plans, and routines with you.
  • I want to show you how to study the Bible effectively.
  • I want to help you connect more deeply with God.
  • Most of all, I want to help you embrace your gifts to live a Spiritual Purposeful life.

Are you in?

Then let's get cracking!

As you learn how to study the bible, and boost your spiritual life, let’s stay connected through facebook. If you have not done so as yet…get your bible reading study questions! And the Spiritual growth Ebook.

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