Your Bible Reading Guide

Welcome to the bible reading guide.

At times the bible can be quite overwhelming. Where should I begin? How do I understand what it is saying to me? How can I personally apply it to my life to begin seeing growth?

This bible reading guide will help you get answer these questions and provide practical resources to get you rocking and rolling.

What You'll Need to Get Started:

When it comes to bible reading you'll be needing a few things:

  1. A Good Bible
  2. A Note taking tool ( like a note book)
  3. An Open heart
  4. A Bible Reading Plan

Remember, the bible may be written words, but it is a spiritual book. The priceless wonders of the word can only be unlocked by the Spirit of God and through prayer.

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I Had Some Bible Reading Challenges Myself

I have spoken about this many times how I suffered through the same ordeal of not loving to read God's Word, not understanding what I read, and not studying the Word of God effectively. Until the day that God chose the change that in my life. Trust me, it did not happen overnight, but it happened.

I would go without reading God's Word for days on end, sometimes weeks, simply because the love was missing. Do not get me wrong. I knew it was necessary, but still, I did not want to do it'. So here is where most of our problem lies, in our desires.

I tried forcing myself to read, but it never took long to go back to my usual ways. I was just frustrated with myself. One day these words dawned on me and have stuck with me throughout my life:

I cannot change myself. Only God Can!

I was trying to change myself. I was trying to make myself do the moral thing without even asking for God's assistance. Are you trying to do the same thing? As soon as I realized that not having a love for God's Word was one of my weaknesses, I approach God in prayer about it.

I told him plainly, "Jesus; I do not love your Word. I do not enjoy reading the Bible, but I want to. Please help me".

It might have been a simple prayer, but my gosh, it was heartfelt! And it began to work.

Does this sound like your story too?

How then can we grow spiritually if the essential ingredient in our spiritual life is missing?

That's why I've created this Bible Reading Guide so that we can not only understand, but enjoy bible reading and grow together.

Boost Your Bible Reading Sessions With Some Simple Methods and Clever Resources

Killer Bible Reading Tips

Here, you'll find Bible reading tips that you can apply today to get a-cracking! If you are looking for articles to read, this is where you should be!

Bible Reading Resources

Find bible reading plans that you can use to begin reading the Bible right now. I've left other resources to help us read the Bible with plenty of purpose. If you are looking for practical resources, this is the spot.

Bible Reading Hub: I am creating a Bible Reading Hub, where we will all read the Bible together, sharing our thoughts and experiences.

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